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Modern Cuisine Influenced by The Best of The East and West

Through observing, pondering, dissecting, and experimenting,

Chef Jason Liu and his team bring you Ling Long,

a one-of-a kind culinary experience that re-defines fine dinning.

With modern cooking techniques, the finest ingredients, and meticulous presentation,

Ling Long simultaneously stays true to the essence

of Chinese cuisine and offers an audacious vision of what Chinese cuisine can be.

From the moment you enter, Ling Long engages all five senses,

submerging you into a labyrinth of creativity and discovery.

Our team of artists holistically curated every moment of the Ling Long experience,

making this a surprising and unforgetable journey.From the design, to the music,

to the wine, our talented artists honor tradition, challenge orthodoxy, and uncover subtle beauty.


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Through observing, pondering, dissecting and experimenting, Chef Jason Liu and his team bring you Ling Long, offering one-of-a kind culinary experience that draws inspiration from the very essence of Chinese cuisine and flavours, works with the finest but also surprising products and employs modern cooking technique and meticulous presentation.

Besides the art of gastronomy, we also work with some of the most talented artists to make dining in Ling Long a holistic experience. From the design of the space to the music that accompanies the food to the wine selections, each artist gives their very own interpretation on what "Ling Long" ought to be.

The result? A meal that satisfies not only the physical, but emotional as well.

Jason Liu

With Ling Long, Chef Jason Liu, originally from Taiwan and started working in China in 2016, eagerly embraces his Chinese roots and heritage, and cleverly turns it into a new genre of cooking by combining his expertise in western culinary techniques coupled with Japanese precision and aesthetic.

The whole menu pays tribute to the profound Chinese cuisine that Jason grew up with and that he came across when traveling solo in China for the past year. While the presentation of the food is unmistakeably French-influenced, the flavour each dish offers is comfortingly familiar.

The amount of thought, precision and passion that goes into every dish, is a true reflection on Jason's dedication on elevating and showcasing the beauty of Chinese gastronomy.

Chef Jason's food, much like his personality and mind-set, is about being open, unrestricted, yet always respectful to traditions and grateful for the beauty of this world.

Meiyu Li

This time, Ling Long invites Li Meiyu, one of the most highly-regarded sommeliers in China to select the accompanying wines to pair with Jason’s food.

The selection Meiyu made aims to hit two birds with one stone: Complimenting Jason’s cuisine expertly while still demonstrating its own personality. One can expect to find the unexpected: from unique labels of wines to sake, Chinese white wine, whiskey and even cider. Much like Jason’s cuisine, Meiyu’s dynamic selection aims to delightfully surprise, amuse and to broaden the horizon of our taste buds.


Originally from Germany, Johanna spent years working in various cities with different firms including a remarkable five years in Tokyo with the renown SANAA. Today, Johanna is working on a diverse range of projects under her own name with offices in Berlin and New York.

Johanna believes that if something is truly beautiful, it will naturally touch anyone who comes into contact with it. Such philosophy is evidential in her work on Ling Long, where she has created an elegant and integral space that itself contains multiple facets and functionalities without ever loosing the feeling of lightness.

Julian Wang

Originally from China, Julian spent his youth in Melbourne and college years in Paris, but it was not until he has gone on studying and living in Brooklyn, NY, that Julian became truly encouraged and convinced to pursue his dream and become the artist he is today. His music style is playful and experimental with a mixture of electronic, techno and orchestral music and most importantly, original and non-conforming.

His melodic creation for Ling Long, mixing electronic, techno and orchestral genres to create an original sound, aims to tell a 2-part story on the evolution of our world:the first segment narrating the evolvement from nature to humanity and arriving to the present artificial intelligence; the second section, after the evolution has come full cycle, he takes us to a Promised Land where these different elements can finally coexist harmoniously.

Julian’s music honors Jason’s culinary philosophy, where diverse influences concur beautifully through metamorphosis and the noble pursuit of the new promised land.

Zhao-Ran Meng


Ling Long is open for dinner from Tuesday to Sunday and we also offer lunch on weekend.

Reservations are encouraged at anytime. Please call us at (010)86355109 or 13811404834.

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